The R&D company that leads the innovation of the small
surveillance radar with excellent technology.

Corporate Identity

Skytrio's logo symbolizes the synthesis of SKY and TRIO. The radio waves, extending to various fields around the world, were shaped through the image. It shows our willingness to leap from sky, ground, and three-dimensional places to the top of radar and signal processing.


RGB: 65/65/66
CMYK: 68/61/59/46

RGB: 42/57/144
CMYK: 100/94/13/2

RGB: 27/117/188
CMYK: 87/54/5/0

RGB: 0/188/242
CMYK: 68/9/2/0

RGB: 5/162/203
CMYK: 77/23/15/0

RGB: 41/170/226
CMYK: 71/21/4/0