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TRM Module Design Technology

24GHz FMCW radar transmission/reception TRM block diagram.

< Technical Principles and Characteristics >

RF TRM design is required for transmitting and receiving phase array patch antennas.
It consists of a 24GHz RF transmitter and a multi-channel array receiver for digital beam forming.
The FMCW bandwidth is 100MHz, the RF transmission frequency is 24.075 to 24.175GHz.
The TRM module consists of a one-channel transmitter, an eight-channel receiver, a control unit, and a power supply unit.
24GHz FMCW signal generation principle
94MHz baseband signal input generated by direct digital synthesis (DDS)

→ Converted to 24GHz by TRM module PLL frequency multiplication.
→ 200mW amplification of transmission power.
→ Radiate through the transmission antenna.
→ Receive reflected signals from the target through 8 patch array antennas.
→ Conversion to baseband with low noise amplifier and down converter
→ Digital beam forming radar, responsible for receiving multiple channels.