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Agricultural Perimeter Radar

In accordance with the era of smart agriculture, perimeter radar is used to increase the efficiency of agriculture in terms of crop theft and damage prevention when producing expensive crops. We are alleviating manpower problems in rural areas through monitoring and remote control based on radar sensor technology. In addition, it contributes to the efficiency of smart agriculture by increasing the productivity with cost reduction and crop damage prevention.

Key Features and Functions
Multi-pulse radar sensor
10 or more simultaneous target tracking.
Over 750 meters detection range.
Operating temperature - 20°C to +70°C.
Detection range ±45° (azimuth), 10° (elevation)
New target registration is less than 1.2 second.
Installation of environmental variables reflecting operational condition.
GUI function that overlaps with the geographic installation position.
Applicable fields
Monitoring high value-added and commercialized crops.