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Avoiding Collision for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Development of drone collision avoidance (UAM, eVTOL, UAV) solution based on autonomous flight algorithm.

Amid the expansion of the autonomous flight industry, the most important issue is to secure the stability that enables us to avoid collisions between aircraft and obstacles or collisions between aircrafts. Skytrio develops the radar technologies and algorithms necessary for autonomous flights that unmanned aerial vehicles need to recognize objects and avoid collisions, and applies them to collision avoidance fields such as eVTOL and UAV. Furthermore, we are actively participating in the eVTOL collision detection radar development project. Key Features and Functions

Key features and functions
The size of the unmanned aerial vehicle market is expected to grow by 34% annually.
Collision avoidance is the core technology for autonomous flight of various unmanned aerial vehicles.
Real-time obstacle detection through data analysis.
Recognizing the possibility of collision and autonomous search for a collision avoidance algorithm.
Create collision avoidance path based on vector data such as obstacle direction, height, speed, etc.
Applicable fields
UAM, eVTOL, UAV collision avoidance.